Scholarship (5 members) Begin meeting in the spring to put forth the materials needed for students to apply for the scholarship.  Once the applicants have been received the committee will meet and award the scholarship and inform the High School.

Chair: Joe Braccini

Sick Bank (5 members) When a request is made to the sick bank a meeting is set up by the chair to discuss whether or not the member may access the sick bank.  This is done in conjunction with the committee from the administrative side.

Chair: Kate Bacon
Members: Lauren Kay, Kristine Perry

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (3 members) Will meet if needed.  They hear the merits of a member’s Grievance and determine whether or not the WTA is going to proceed past level 3.

Chair: Mike Power
Members: Sue Murphy, Erika Green

Bylaw (5 members) Annually review bylaws to see if any changes are needed.  Changes must be presented at the April meeting to be ratified at the June annual meeting.

Chair: Dave Cuzzi

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