Hello and welcome it is my pleasure to greet you on behalf of the approximately 440 members of our professional organization, the Walpole Teachers Association.

As a teacher, whether new to the district or a veteran, you might be wondering, “How does union membership benefit me?”

A teacher’s union is founded on the concept that unionism and professionalism are intricately intertwined. Teacher unions are driven by goals, concepts, and ideas. The goals of our association, as outlined in our bylaws, are, “to maintain and improve the quality of education for all, to uphold high professional standards and advance the social-economic well being of educators, to encourage the membership of local educators and to promote mutual assistance among them.”

So, how does the WTA propose to meet these objectives? The Association exclusively negotiates our contract, providing us with improving salaries and benefits. Our union offers opportunities for professional development, as a local organization and through our affiliation with the Norfolk County Teacher’s association, the Massachusetts Teacher’s Association, and the National Education Association. The WTA advocates for teachers around the issues of working conditions, and answers questions about school policies and procedures. These are just a few of the things the Walpole Teachers Association does for its members.

Union membership has a rich history. Thomas Hobart Jr., the former president of New York State United Teachers reminds us of this: “…Americans take for granted a lot of the hard-won benefits that unions have gained over the years: the 40-hour work week, workplace safety, overtime, an end to child labor.”

Welcome to the Walpole Teachers Association, and the start of a great year.

Yours in education,
Dave Cuzzi, President
Walpole Teachers Association